Welcome to Juuli Squad

Seed Juuli in your freelancer community and
earn 33% of the Juuli commission fee on every invoice your friend creates.

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Step 1: Sign Up

Join the Juuli Squad program effortlessly with just a click and instantly access your personalized tracking link!

Step 2: Seed

Spread the word about Juuli to your friends and freelancer community. Stay tuned with us, and we'll share exclusive tips on the best promotion strategies once you're onboard!

Step 3: Earn

Get paid in Euro directly to your bank with Juuli! Earn for a year on every friend's invoice. Seed more, earn more – it's like generating automatic passive income.

Why Juuli Squad

Juuli Squad program is designed to win for you.
All you need to do is invite your friends; the rest is simple.


Each time you invite a new friend, you create a new tracking link.Sky's the limit for creativity – customize link extensions for your own campaign!

No upper

Invite as many freelancers as you want to the Juuli Squad program. No limitations!

Throughout one year

Yes, correct! Once you add a friend to program you'll earn income from all the invoices they create for a duration of 1 year.

Cashout flexibility

No need to wait for days or months to get paid. Just like other money transfers, we're fast here too. Get paid instantly.

Fixed Commission

No deductions from your friend's income. Earn 33% of Juuli service commission in Euros every time they create an invoice.


Do I have to be a Juuli user to join the Juuli Squad?

No, you don't. The Juuli Squad program is open to everyone, whether you're a Juuli user or not.

Which currencies do you pay commissions in?

Friends from around the world may join, so to maintain clarity, we calculate commission rates at 33% in Euros.

What promotion methods are allowed for the Juuli Squad program?

All are welcome! Whether you own a website, blog, company, or have a strong social media presence, you can promote Juuli. Write articles, make YouTube videos, or use social media to spread the word. Build your circle, and we've got your back with support!

Have more questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team at affiliate@juuli.io.  We're here to assist and always happy to help!