Got a question about Juuli?

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What is Juuli?

Juuli is an initiative aimed at solving contract and payment issues between freelancers and employers. Juuli focuses on resolving common problems faced by freelancers, such as receiving payments in different currencies, providing insurance solutions, and accessing workspaces, in order to enable them to work anywhere in the world.

What are the advantages of using Juuli over incorporating a company?

By using Juuli, freelancers do not have to bear the responsibilities that come with incorporating a company, nor do they have to deal with the ongoing accounting and legal expenses. Juuli offers a pay-as-you-go model for its virtual company services. Under this virtual company service, Juuli acts as a bridge between freelancers and employers, aiming to solve problems that may arise.

Is Juuli a payment service provider?

No, Juuli is not a bank or payment service provider company. It is an initiative that receives a commission for solving the problem of enabling freelancers and employers to receive payments in compliance with tax and legal regulations. Juuli does not provide payment services directly, but rather facilitates payments between freelancers and employers while ensuring that legal requirements are met.

Does my client have to be a company?

It is sufficient for them to be a company or a sole trader. What is important is that they have a tax identification number.

How does Juuli charge for its services?

You can create invoices in USD, EUR and GBP currencies and receive payments in these currencies or your local currency. We will share our costs with you. For our current commission rates, please make sure to visit the "Pricing" page.

Is the service available globally?

Yes! Juuli operates in Estonia, which is located in the European Economic Area, and in the United Kingdom. All invoices issued through the United Kingdom and Estonia are accepted worldwide.