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Join Juuli today and start making invoices for yourfreelance work, getting paid directly to your bank account.

Get to know Juuli in 3 steps

Receiving payments, company setup, opening a bank account, handling contracts and accounting, it’s time to leave these challenges behind. Join us in just 10 minutes. Start creating invoices right away and receive your payments smoothly!


How can i register on the Juuli platform?

You can register on the Juuli platform through a KYCprocess that takes about 5 minutes. The KYC process allows us to understand youmore and serve you better. Juuli operates in a trusted environment, so youcan't use the platform without completing the KYC process.

Which countries can I invoice?

With Juuli, you can send invoices to all countries on the banking sector's red list (such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc.). If you wish, you can also invoice your clients in your country too. You can send invoices to your customers in your country in EUR, USD, GBP or TRY and receive payments.

How soon will i receive my payments?

Payments from your clients are usually sent to you within an average of 10 minutes. Payments made to freelancers residing in the EU using the SEPA network typically reach their bank accounts within 1 to 24hours.

*Note that holidays can extend this timeframe.

I no longer have a bank account or a virtual IBAN account from an electronic money company. How can i receive payments?

You can open an IBAN account on platforms like Wise, an electronic money company, and withdraw your payments to your Wise account through Juuli.