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Jan 30, 2024

What You Should Know Before Meeting Your Potential Client as a Freelancer

Ace your first freelance client meeting with research, showcasing your unique skills, and professional charm to kickstart a lasting work relationship

How to start saving money

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Ace Your First Meeting

As a freelancer, the first meeting with a potential client is like a first date. It's your chance to make a great impression, understand their needs, and lay the foundation for a successful working relationship. Here are some key tips we put together for you before you walk into that meeting:

1. Research Thoroughly

Before you meet, take the time to research your potential client. Understand their industry, business model, competitors, and market challenges. This insight will not only impress them but also help you tailor your services to their specific needs. Remember your expertise alone does not mean anything to them unless it helps to resolve their own issues.

2. Know Your Value Proposition

What makes you different from other freelancers? Be clear about your unique skills and experiences that make you the right fit for this project. This isn’t just about your technical abilities; consider your problem-solving skills, your approach to work, and your communication style. As big or complicated as it can be, be mindful of your client’s current level of experience of your area to convey your value clearly.

🌍✨Hint: Previous data or stats may also be great help to explain your effects. For example, the sentence “I will add around 50% more potential customers to your funnel” may be better understood than “My job is to increase the number of channels and efficiency through which you outreach to your audience”.  

3. Prepare Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is a visual proof of your skills. Tailor it to highlight projects relevant to the client's industry or the type of work they are looking for. Make sure it's up-to-date and accessible, either in a digital format or as a physical copy you can leave with them. In case your client needs time to revise your offer, most likely, your portfolio would be the main document to refer to.

4. Anticipate Their Needs

Based on your research, anticipate the potential challenges the client might be facing. Prepare to discuss how your skills and services can address these issues. Suggesting potential solutions or advice without spoiling your own interests can be a way to drum up intrigue. This proactive approach demonstrates your initiative and commitment.

5. Prepare Questions

A successful meeting is a two-way conversation. Prepare thoughtful questions that show your interest in their business and help you understand their goals and expectations. This is also your opportunity to assess if they are the right client for you or more importantly if you understood them correctly. Also, it would add to what your client would feel about your collaboration by boosting their trust in you.

🌟🔍Some potential questions are:

What specific goals are you aiming to achieve with this project?

  • This shows you’re focused on delivering results that align with their expectations.

Can you describe a successful past project and what made it work well?

  • Understanding their definition of success helps tailor your approach.

Are there any specific tools, technologies, or methodologies you prefer for this project?

  • Shows your flexibility and willingness to adapt to their preferred working style.

Can you tell me more about the team I'll be working with?

  • Indicates your readiness to integrate and collaborate effectively with their team.

How do you typically measure success for a project like this?

  • Understanding their success metrics can help you align your work with these benchmarks..

6. Discuss Logistics

Be prepared to talk about your availability, project timelines, rates, and payment terms. It's important to set these expectations upfront to avoid misunderstandings later. Once you have these ready, you might also opt for a more professional approach to make a written offer for them.

🎯Hint: Use Juuli’s invoice tool to draft up an invoice and share it with your potential client as an offer where you can include deals like your services, project deadline and payment due date.

7. Practice Your Pitch

Confidence is key. Practice your pitch beforehand so you can present yourself confidently. Remember, you’re not just selling your services; you’re also selling yourself as a reliable, competent freelancer. Your confidence in your work just might be the feeling your client could be searching for.

8. Follow Up

It’s important to have a clear communication plan for yourself where you know when you’ll share your offers, documents, deliverables etc. In this plan, you can also include a regular follow-up timeline to communicate with your customer and inch towards closing the deal.

For example; after the meeting, sending a thank you email summarizing what was discussed and the next steps goes a long way. This shows professionalism and keeps you fresh in their mind.

✨It’s your time to shine!✨

Meeting a potential client is an opportunity to showcase your professionalism, skills, and passion for your work.🎯 With thorough preparation and a clear understanding of your value, you can turn these opportunities into successful, long-term collaborations. Remember, every client meeting is a stepping stone in your freelance career. Make it count!